Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Yesterday: A nice, hilly, 1 hour run at Elysian Park.

Today: I hit Griffith Park. Part of the trails around the golf course are open (none of the hiking trails are as of yet), but I got some amazing views of the burned out areas. Holy shyte! The hills are BARREN in some spots. Truly beautiful, in such a strange way.

I also nearly had my ass handed to me: As I was tying my shoe at the start of my run, a 20-something woman ran past me at a pretty good clip, so I decided I'd have to chase and pass her. Turning the corner after 50 feet, I saw that she'd met up with another, young woman running, and they were both pushing their pace, so I had to floor it. I managed to pass them and slide ahead (running about a sub-7 mn mile) when I heard them talking:

"How did you do?"

"I ran a 17:08...I was happy."

"Great! Last year, I did it in 17:38."

This is when it dawns on me: They're talking about their 5k times. To put it in perspective, my 5k PR is 20:12 or so. So now I'm ahead of track stars. And I'm not about to let them pass.

I keep my pace and tell myself this is now a tempo run and I'll flip around at 23:30 to do a 45 mn speed run. BUT THEY'RE STILL RIGHT ON MY ASS, about 50 yards behind me...and they're still capable of having a conversation.

I scramble. I push. My legs are burning and my breath is coming in gulps, but I keep up the pace and flip around at the designated time. I pass by them within 20 seconds, turning my legs over even faster, trying to look relaxed as my heart is about to pop out from my ribcage.

I finished the run in 45:33, figuring I ran about 6.5 miles total.

I can't move.


ReneeMc said...

I had a similar experience last night. I was running around that lame asphalt track at the bottom of the hill near the baseball fields and some guy was running too and I was like "Duuuuude, you can totally catch him."
And then even worse than picking up the pace, he stopped! What the fuck! Who fucking does that when someone is about to hand them their hiney on a platter?
Perhaps you can consider that strategy for next time. But make sure your are right in front of them.
And, didn't you just beat your own 10K PR?

Ann said...

the closest i've come to something like this was this morning when i was trying to stay a couple steps ahead of the street cleaner barreling up behind me.

i kicked it's ass.

someday i'll try in on an actual runner like you guys.

rustyboy said...

That street cleaner finished ahead of me in 4 out of 5 last races last season.

Mr. Satan A. Chilles said...

I hate perky 20 year-old chicks who can kick my butt on training runs they just roll out of bed for. And I hate watching those flopping ponytails pass me in a race.

On behalf of a small corner of the male running population, THANK YOU for not letting them get by, even if they didn't notice. Way. To. Go.

stephruns said...

that is so funny! i love those running-games.