Monday, June 18, 2007

There is this bizarre situation that occurs sometimes on trails. I can't quite finger it, but it does exist: The "non-nod"; aka, "I don't see you even though there are only 2 of us on the trail" moment.

This Saturday, I ran Temescal Cyn, and on Sunday, Will Rogers Park. Saturday was a lovely, hilly 2 hr, 45 mn run, and Sunday, a sweet, 90 mn dash before work (yes, on a Sunday - did I mention that I LOVE working in TV?). On both days, I encountered "non-nodders" and "non-hello-ers".

I tend to get out to remote trails on my runs, so when, after 30 minutes of pounding along alone, I come across someone else on the trail, I normally blurt out an enthusiastic "Hi!" as I approach fellow human beings marching along on their own, separate adventures. But, yet, on these specific trails, I'm usually met with a lack of eye contact and silence.

I suppose it's a strange sight, to see someone scrambling up a hill, covered in salt, gripping a water bottle or three, and huffing a, "Hey!". It's most likely off-putting. But seriously: A simple smile? A nod? Ummmm...a wink and a fart?

Nada, for the most part.

I loved my back-to-back long runs this weekend. I just hope the frowny dude I passed in the light blue Polo shirt, Dockers, and bluetooth cellphone earpiece had equally as much fun.

Saturday: App'x 17 hill miles.

Sunday: App'x 8 hilly miles


stephruns said...

the dude was probably scared of you..all untame, running in the wild!!!!

ReneeMc said...

Priceless. Did you shake your bald sweaty head towards him?

Mr. Satan A. Chilles said...

Jeez, where is the comon decency to return a hello or a nod? Well, you wouldn't have asked the question if you knew, but just sayin'.. it's a shame people can't respond, especially in the middle of solo trail runs.

I got a thumbs up from a guy on a bike today as I struggled over the 59th St Bridge, and he sure got a nod from me. If bikers flying by can acknowledge somebody, a fellow runner can, too. Maybe you should carry a water gun to spritz the ill-mannered? There's an idea, a combination water gun and water bottle!