Tuesday, June 26, 2007

During all of the "controversy" (there truly isn't) surrounding Dean Karnazes
and his feats, motivations, etc, I stumbled across this trailer for a documentary that will hopefully finish editing this fall.

This resonates with me because of my own mother's battle with breast cancer and how I have drawn from that fight time and again as I trudge along, hurting during a painful ultra.

Karnazes has been quoted time and again that he wants to see what the human body is capable of accomplishing. I'm coming to discover that I'm more interested in the human spirit's endless possibilities.


ReneeMc said...

Great trailer -- I can't wait to watch the movie and weep like a little girl.

{Insert stereotypical rant about how this guy isn't getting any attention and all we hear about is Dean Karnazes followed by loud sound of my cackling at me saying this here}

stephruns said...

Thanks for sharing this. There are so many amazing stories of every day life. It’s sad we don't get to hear them often – only if we search for them. Instead we read about the bad stuff that's going on just so we will be intimidated and won't pursue are dreams and goals.

I do believe that running is more for Dean than pushing the human body. He started running because his marriage wasn’t the greatest and in the end it’s always the mind that decides us to keep going or quit.

rustyboy said...

I also believe that running for Dean is more than pushing his body's limits - I didn't mean to infer otherwise. It's just that interviewers tend to cling to those bites - and also that, "OMG HE EATS WHILE RUNNING?!?!?!"

renee: It will be far more demeaning when I watch it and weep like a little girl.