Thursday, June 7, 2007

Cross-trained yesterday at el gym. Damn, it KILLS me when I have to hit the moving steps and treadmill. I sometimes look around me in wonderment at all the people strapped to these machines, not training for anything in particular, and realize they're here every day, moving in place. I guess it beats sprawling out on the sofa and jamming your face with Chips Ahoy! brand cookies.

mmmm...Chips Ahoy! brand cookies...

Today, on my 1 hour, 5 mn run on Elysian's trails (Griffith Park is basically closed indefinitely for now), I turned a switchback (above the 5 freeway, as explained previously) and, from the corner of my eye, saw a giant, golden and brown figure about 10 feet ahead. It was only when it expanded is 6 foot wing span that I realized I'd just come across a hawk, easily the size of my torso! It spread it's wings and took off upon seeing me, drifting about 20 feet away, 100 feet above the freeway below; soaring, soaring, unmoving...

I remembered then running into a hiker at Griffith Park earlier in the year, and as we stood and watched another massive hawk float gently on the whipping winds, he said:

"Sometimes I have to watch hawks in their effortlessness to remind myself to stop fighting and let go."

This came at a profound time in my life and has stuck with me ever since.

By the way: The hell was that hawk looking for food-wise over the 5 freeway?

Ah: Minicoopers.


ReneeMc said...

Do you ever eat Chips Ahoy on the Stairmaster?
Neither do I.

You actually use the Stairmaster? Me too.

Good think you have a hard top on the car.

Mr. Satan A. Chilles said...

I did a 50K once where they served pretzels, gummi bears, and Chips Ahoy at the water stations. Not making that up. In my younger days, I used to call them 'Hips Ahoy'.

And how anybody can run mile after mile, every day on a treadmill is beyond me. The weather has to be downright biblical to keep me stuck on a mind-numbing treadmill.

rustyboy said...

Ah yes: both 50ks I've run have had gummi bears, Chips Ahoy, and pretzels at aid stations. The best was January's 50 miler, where one very poorly supplied station at the marathon point had only Skittles and pretzels.

I dumped a bunch of Skittles in my then-empty gel flask, feeling very clever, since there was no way to carry them. Around mile 30, I tipped it back and a giant, grey clump of them fell into my mouth.


stephruns said...

so there's definitely something going on with the effect hawks and eagles have on runners!!!! i had such a moment, as well, and since then i carry it pretty deep inside (and on my back!!!) of me. (oh how cheesy does this sound???)