Friday, June 29, 2007

Word of warning:

My new trail Sauconys completely died last weekend, with only about 300 miles on them. I'm not talking, "I was getting aches in my joints, so I knew I needed new shoes." No. The soles were completely tearing away from the rest of the shoe.

I miss my Asics Trabucos.


stephruns said...

guess that's a good sign if your shoes are dead at 300 miles. you must be blazing through the trails;-)

ReneeMc said...

Bitchin'! Who needs soles on their shoes? You're an ultra-runner!

rustyboy said...

Steph: Oh yeah - I'm *wicked* fast. Just ask any number of the runners who finish a race ahead of me : )

renee: You're right! Screw it! AND, I'm sanding off the soles of my feet! TAKE THAT JUREK AND KARNO!

ReneeMc said...

You will be the world record holder of sanded off feet soles. Ha! Karno hasn't thought of that one yet.
And then you'll run it on Antarctica.