Sunday, June 24, 2007

Had two insanely fun runs this weekend. Today's was a particular ass-kicker. After 18 miles in the mountains yesterday, Ann and I hit a new trail today. Well, it's new to us. I don't think someone dug out Zuma Canyon into the sides of the Santa Monicas last week.

The description of the network of trails claims "easy" for the mostpart. Ann and I huffed this word repeatedly in between fits of panting as we climbed higher and higher in elevation, sweat pouring off of us, switchback-upon-switchback offering us new and exciting ways to destroy one's calves and quads.

Sighted during today's run:

• One family, father, mother, daughter, running at breakneck speed

• Two deer

• One blonde-haired man, with jet black handlebar mustache

• One girl in orange bikini, hiking.


stephruns said...

those are some rare sightings you made. out on the trail everything appears more intense, doesn't it;-)

you make me starve for southern californias trails!!!!!

rustyboy said...

Things do seem more intense out there. I forgot to mention the handlebar mustache-guy was carrying a pekinese dog. He had a decent "Evil crime-boss" look going.

Soon, you'll have your own miles and miles of So Cal trails to run!

Ann said...

By the time I passed bushy mustache man, he had put his mini dog down and was letting it run it's little legs around. That dog seemed way too posh for a dusty hot trail like that.

So did the woman hiking in a bright orange string bikini. But I'm sure her tan was nice and even.

Mr. Satan A. Chilles said...

Well, at least you didn't see 'lion scat', like you did a while back. If you did, I don't want to know about it!

Hats off to you for running long on trails and hills, even if the strangers are, well, strange.

ReneeMc said...

What was the family running from? Were they in front of you or behind you? Did they see lion scat?

Ann, remember that conversation we had about spandex awhile back? I've now converted only to running in bikinis. You know, for the tan.

Ann said...

And Russ is committed now to wearing only a thong bathing suit.

And a hat.

It must be in the genes.

Don't forget to wear your sunscreen you two!

Trust me. I learned the hard way. In my bright orange two piece.