Sunday, May 20, 2007


Yesterday morning, my grandmother, Emilia Cavorso, took her first step towards life's greatest adventure.

Emilia passed away at 98 years old.

I ran 2 1/2 hours (about 15 miles) at Will Rogers State Park in the Santa Monica Mountain Range, the part of which runs alongside the Pacific Ocean. I had a lot of reflecting to do, and what a wonderful and perfect day to do it: Cool breezes, sunny skies, and miles and miles of silent, uninhabited trails to run.

People have often asked me, "WHY 100 miles?!", and I suppose the best explanation, for me at least, is this:

Beginning. Finish. In between, anything can, and will, happen: Pain, joy, fear, bliss; people will come and go, and once you start it, the race doesn't stop until you do.

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