Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Tomorrow...to the Emerald Isle!

Today, for my last LA run until next week Thursday (or Friday, depending on jet-lag), I headed over to La Tuna Canyon, located about 8 miles north and 2 miles west from me. I'd tackled the steep climbs on my mountain bike a few months ago and really enjoyed the amazing, fast gain the trail features (roughly 1,000 feet in about 3.5 miles).

I ran the switchbacks at a conservative pace and climbed into the low clouds that had yet to burn off at that altitude. I'd say the temps dropped a good 5 degrees from the trailhead to the peak where I stopped to enjoy the view before turning back. I said a quiet goodbye to Los Angeles from my turnaround point and hustled back down the mountain, finishing in 1 hour, 17 mns. When I got to my car, I removed my shoes to knock out a few pebbles and was greeted with a handful of dog shit.

I guess that's LA's way of wishing me bon voyage.

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