Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Elysian park

Since Griffith Park is still officially closed after the fires, I've taken to running in Elysian Park, a 600 acre park located about 10 minutes south from me.

There aren't as many trails as Griffith (in total, only about 12 miles worth), but what exists is shady and beautiful and...kinda weird.

Part of the rocky, bumpy and rolling single track runs on the sheer side of a series of hills that looks down over the 5 Freeway, easily one of the busiest areas for traffic in all of the country. So, as I plod along the dusty, desert trails, when I look to one side, I get to watch lines of commuters on their ways to work, coffeeshops, and, being in Los Angeles, coke dens.

Run total: 56 minutes (app'x 6.5 miles)

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