Monday, August 20, 2007

Keep on movin'

I just checked the race's site, and HOLY SHITE, they moved the s'umbitch!!!

It's been a horribly dry year out west, and the forestry-folk couldn't guarantee that the National Forest wouldn't be closed due to fire-safety hazards, so the RDs have shuffled the race course to the Cuyamaca Mountains , up the road a piece. It appears to have a bit smaller elevation gain/loss, which is lovely, BUT, instead of the race being out 50/back 50, I'll now be running two, 50 mile loops! Gah!

Good news: Save for my sister , my crew/pacers are supposed to meet with me this week so I can debrief them.

Bad news: I have no idea what to tell them.


stephruns said...

I know it's a pain in the butt mentally to run loops, but see it from this site:

1. You will run fire or no fire - they could have risked it and canceled! That would be disappointing.

2. The first loop will give you an impression for what to expect...meaning you can better keep track of your pace.

rustyboy said...

I agree on both points, Steph - and seeing the 1st loop in the daylight will totally prepare me for the 2nd, overnight loop.

ReneeMc said...

Wait, you have to run AT NIGHT?!?!

I never thought about the fact they could cancel it with the fires. I am glad they went this route-changing route, then.

dasspunk said...

I can loan you my night-light. It kinda flickers a bit but it's a beacon of truth for night-peeing. While I'm at it, you can borrow one of my Townies too... then you wouldn't need the night-light.

rustyboy said...

spunky: I may just run the whole damned thing in Depends® and forgo night-peeing.

Mr. Satan A. Chilles said...

Running the 50-mile loop at night, huh? OOOOO-kay.

If there are any problems doing another loop, you can always come to Central Park for the 60K at Thanksgiving, where you can run NINE mind-bending loops around the park. One after another. It's a slackfest (no Mile 96 Vomitorium) compared to what your getting ready for, but just sayin', if you end up enjoying loops, come on over.

And glad you have a support team in place. Just follow the really shiny hair, and you'll be fine.

rustyboy said...

Aw, man: A pavement ultra? Yeow. My bones just creaked thinking about it.

I'd think running laps around Central Park would be pretty exciting, though. I mean, to watch the progression of a robbery with each revolution would be highly educational!

No Wetsuit Girl... overseas! said...

Really, you've seen one hill you've seen 'em all right? I'm sure you'll be so delirious on that second loop that you won't even notice you're running in circles!

ReneeMc said...

My hair's so shiny he doesn't even need reflectors to follow it!

I was meaning to pressure you into that ultra but then you busted out with "Loops! NOOOOOO!" one time and I was like "Oh, never mind, Russ will never run that ultra 2 hours ahead of me."
But not this year. Unless it also has a traveling live 50s show.

Ann said...

I obviously need to find out from Renee how to make my hair shinier. I will be the opposite of a beacon. The dullness of my hair might get you lost.