Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Big Basin

Last week, Ann and I signed up for the Big Basin Redwoods trail run. I'll be tackling the 50k and Ann will rock the 17k.

I don't mean "rock" as in "Dude, you totally rock that hat!". That kind of talk makes me feel pukey.

I've never visited the Redwood Forest in the 10 years I've lived in California, which is a crime, I believe; an actual one, like a moving violation or something. Ann camped there her entire childhood and has regailed me with tales of soft, shady trails, cool temps, and lush, green surroundings, so we're heading up in a couple of weekends so I can fall in love with it and never desire to step foot in smoggy, hot, dry, brown Los Angeles ever again.


michelle said...

It's so green! The trees are so tall! OMG!!!!

Ann said...

I guarantee that we will be moving from hot, dirty, smoggy LA after you have one run in the Redwood Forest.

It's magical.

Did I mention the huge banana slugs? Seriously. They're huge and bright yellow.

stephruns said...

You will feel like dwarfs!!!!

michelle said...
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ReneeMc said...

Must. Have. Pictures. Of. Banana. Slugs.
Please send invitation to your treehousewarming when it happens. I think you can live either in or on a Redwood.

Ann-Kathrin said...

I am not envious. Not at all.
Doing a trail run in a forest full of giant redwoods? Pffffft. That's like, so American!

No Wetsuit Girl... overseas! said...

Oh my gosh! I've actually DONE that race (just had to go check the t-shirt to make sure it was the one I was thinking of). I remember running around with a camera and stopping like every 5 minutes to take a picture. It's beautiful up in there, you're going to love it.

Let me know if I can hook you up with any info on trails to run or places to eat in Santa Cruz. I have a friend who does ultras and trains in SC, I'm sure she'd be more than happy to show you around in the trees and mountains if you want.

Dusty said...

Oh, it is so beautiful, you will love it. I haven't been there in 20 years, and still remember it clearly.

Good luck in your races - and post pictures after it! :)

Jess said...

a word to the wise-don't lick the banana slugs. And, if you happen to lick one in spite of my warning, don't lick it a second time.