Tuesday, August 14, 2007

I've been tagged by Steph, so here goes...

Job's I've Held: Oh God. This is gonna be weird...

Comedian, children's show performer, barista, TV writer/producer, production assistant, bartender/juicemaker, boardgame question writer, Tshirt silk screener (2 days!), sandwich maker, freelance massage therapist...and I imagine there are more if I put my brain into it.

Movies I can Watch Over & Over

This Is Spinal Tap, Ferris Bueller's Day Off, Young Frankenstein, Running on the Sun

Guilty Pleasures

Painting my toes and wearing sundresses.

Places I Have Lived

Chicago, Nashville, Los Angeles

Shows I Enjoy

I don't have television, but I love MASH, The Prisoner, The Dick Van Dyke Show, The Office, Extras, Arrested Development, Curb Your Enthusiam.

Vacation Spots

Seattle, England, Scotland, Ireland

Favorite Foods

This regulary changes, but one constant remains:

Bacon double cheeseburger

Websites I Visit Daily

coolrunning.com, all of your blogs, flickr.com, and I can waste countless hours on wikipedia.

Body Parts I have Injured

plantar fascitis (left foot), sciatica (right leg), I struggle with both knees with tendonitis, and strained my ITB (right leg).

All the aches and pains: Ain't nothing free!

Awards I've Won

I got a trophy for the Pinewood Derby in Cub Scouts...but I think they gave one to everyone.

Nicknames I've Been Called

Rusty, Ralph, and "NICE DRIVING, *SSHOLE!!!!!"


ReneeMc said...

1. I loved the Pinewood Derby! Thanks for reminding me.
2. Boardgame question writer? Who knew?

stephruns said...

No TV!! I'm the first time in my life without TV and must say I don't miss it.

rustyboy said...

Steph: I haven't had cable for about 7 years. Ironically, working on cable television programming is what would pay that bill.

renee: Yeah, the game is called Zobmondo. A grad student from UCLA did it as his final marketing project, and the business types he pitched it to decided to invest in it. So he hired about 4 of us to write questions, paying 50 cents/question he used.

I think he ccepted something like 250 from me.

Mr. Satan A. Chilles said...

Well, I've got the TV on while I'm typing this, so maybe that's one reason why I'm so cranky.

But don't you just hate those straps on sundresses? They keep sliding down. Dang!