Saturday, July 28, 2007

I love running trails. I do. And if you've been following me, I know you know this: The fresh air, the beautiful views, time away from technology and the modern day; only my shoes, my water and my will to deal with...

...well, those things and the decapitated deer head I came across.

Obviously the prey of a local mountain lion, I turned a switchback to discover the severed, and severely gnawed upon, head of a deer this morning on the trail's edge. No signs of struggle were apparent, nor was the remainder of the deer. Ann and I actually spent 10 minutes discussing how the head would have wound up on the trail and concluded that the lion was most likely trying to pull the head from the body and eventually did, violently tossing it from the ridge above to the trail below in the process.

It was quite the violent scene to come across but also served as a sobering reminder of what life in the wild involves.

Ain't no Burger King in the woods, kids.

Well, eventually, there will be. Right beside the Jamba Juice and the Starbucks.


stephruns said...

I guess that's the sacrifice we have to make..running with a bit of fear. I see those Mountain Lion signs here everywhere and first I was anxious, but now I'm thinking should one come around, the kitty hopefully knows how to do it quick!

But seriously, what about whistles? I heard they could be useful! I will get one for sure.

ReneeMc said...

Oh my god. That's icky.

But did you bring it home and put it up in Ann's apartment? (I only say Ann's apartment because it would look really good mounted on that brick wall...)

Dusty said...

OK, so didn't that freak you out that you could be next - or did you figure they were full and on the top of the mountain?? Scary! Would carying pepper spray help? My Dad used it on a mean dog once.

Hey - I hear you know about rolfing - would you reccomend it or not for a messed up back. I know it is painful, but not sure how bad.

Mr. Satan A. Chilles said...

Wow, that's so 'Bambl' meets 'The Godfather'.

I'd still rather see a dead deer than a living mountain lion. Yeesh, creeps me out just thinking about it. You kids can go out and play, I'll stick to the crack vials and deranged homeless on MY trail.

No Wetsuit Girl... overseas! said...

Yuck! Mountain lions scare me because they jump on you from trees!

So did you grab the deer head, hide behind a tree, and wait for the next runner/hiker to come along and then REALLY scare their pants off?

Ann said...

god, that would have looked lovely on my wall. you're right!

the next day, i saw a beat up lizard on the trail and a very happy and satisfied mini sized dog trotting up ahead of it. i assumed he left it to die.

not as dramatic. especially with the kid poking it with a stick.