Tuesday, July 24, 2007


OK, so the 2nd/3rd-ish sporting event I follow per year started yesterday at 6AM.


Jorge Pacheco, who held a strong lead (and who has kicked my ass on many-occassion on training runs and in races alike ) has dropped to 3rd somewhere around the 130 mile mark, and it looks good for Valmir Nunes to take Scott Jurek's Badwater record and destroy it: He's on course to break 24 hours, which is unheard of!


ReneeMc said...

I felt sad because the NYTimes guy DNFed. I felt like I knew him from watching a video of him mowing his lawn in three layers of clothes.

Nunes is on fire right now, probably literally as well.

rustyboy said...

Man, he broke the course record by SO DAMNED MUCH!!!

I'm sorry for your NYTimes friend. His lawn looked so nice.

Julie said...


What the f*ck did I have to hear about this blog from other people? You suck. Now I have so much back reading to do. By the way, I haven't run a step in about a year which I'm still grappling with...I just wish I didn't miss "the trots" so much.