Sunday, July 22, 2007

As promised, I took my new pal Nathan out for a spin on Saturday.

Go ahead and read the description on the web page; please note the existence of an ultra runner named "Dana 'Mud n' Guts' Miller". I can only assume he didn't deem himself "Mud n' Guts", which brings to my attention: When you're a famous athlete, do you get saddled with a nickname, no matter how little you personally find it applicable to your persona? What if Dana is a member of Up With People (making him him quite the talented minstrel)? Golfer Jack Nicklaus most certainly didn't pick "Golden Bear" himself, did he? If so, did he have ANY idea what a "bear" means to a member of the gay community? And his being "Golden": wouldn't that make having sex with him, like, winning the Oscar of the bear sect?

I digress.

LOVE the pack! Zero bounce, plenty of storage (I packed in my cell, 4 Gu's, 1 Clif Bar, 3 electrolyte capsules and had plenty of room left over), and constructed with lightweight material that kept it much cooler than a camelback.

I was out for 3 hours, 42 minutes with it and a handheld, and I had fluids still remaining when I finished. My only issue is that the back of my shirt kept rising up periodically as it bunched up beneath the pack, but this was easily resolved by tucking in the back of my shirt (GENIUS!).

Also, I had yet another shoe-blowout: After 3 weeks, my Asics 2120 trail shoe's sole peeled right off, just like the Sauconys! The hell is going on here?

I actually blamed global warming last night, on a myriad of levels. I'll spare the details.


stephruns said...

again - you just run like on fire - good for you!

Mr. Satan A. Chilles said...

Yow, i just pictured Jack 'Golden Bear' Nicklaus in leather hotpants and a flannel golf shirt at the 18th, um, hole. Gee, thanks!

Sounds like Nathan did just fine, good to hear something really works for a change... unlike your shoes, what's up with that? Well, you'd say if you knew, but that's honestly F'd up, and Asics and Saucony need to start some 'splaining. You'd think the shoes could handle the hills too without falling apart since they're supposed to deal with the trails...

rustyboy said...

I just wrote Asics a letter of complaint (worded in the kindliest of fashion), so I'll see what they say!

Hopefully, I'll get a be spent on a pair of shoes that will blow up after 100 miles.

ReneeMc said...

You named it "Nathan"? Creative.

Flaming feet + drought = bad situation, or good name for a gay bar. Your choice.