Monday, October 8, 2007

10 things to do while I taper

Last week, I started my taper. No biggie: I ran only 5 hours, 45 mns, compared to my highest weeks of 10 1/2 hours. Today marks the start of a 4 hour run week. This is exactly 1/2 of the minimum amount of training I've been doing.

Which means the crazies start abooooout....nnnnnnnnow.

Which is why I'm compiling this list of activities to do with all of that extra energy for the next 10 days until the 100:

1. Finish my novel's outline: I started writing the concept a year ago and am 2/3 through the outlining phase. I figure with the extra (counting on fingers) SIX HOURS I'll have away from running this week, I should be able to at least get the skeleton completed. Shit, I should be able to outline The Bible™ in that time.

2. Clean my apartment thoroughly: Seriously, there are enough potato chip crumbs beneath my sofa to construct a raft. A *delicious* raft made of cheddary goodness...

3. Go running: Oh. Wait...

4. Take photos: I don't know if you know, but I have a flickr account that I upkeep. I've been a member for YEARS and have posted a grand total of (drumroll, please) 84 pics. This makes me "LAME", methinks.

5. Stop using the word "methinks".

6. Purchase a game console and play Halo® for 78 straight hours. This is a constructive use of spare time, no?

7. Become a drug mule: I've always wanted to visit Central America.

8. Come up with 2 more creative and ultra-hilarious ideas for the "10 things to do while I taper" list.


michelle said...

Re: no. 7. I recommend "Maria Full of Grace" for pointers.

Journey to a Centum said...

Get lots of rest and remember to eat and hydrate well during your 100. Having run my first 100 this summer I found my lowest energy levels were directly related to not bringing in enough calories.

Here's my top four for a 100 miler:
1. They are Aid Stations not Hotels. Don't sit down or linger too long.

2. Constant forward motion (CFM). If you get sick to can sit on the side of the trail and be miserable or you can keep moving and be miserable. At least you are making progress while miserable. You will start to feel better.

3. Pacer - Hope you were able to find a pacer. If not find someone to run with that has a similar pace for the last 30 miles or so.

4. Change your shoes and socks at about 50 miles. Don't linger!

Enjoy the event! Keep a smile on your face and remember not to get to cranky! You paid for this, you trained for this, go out and make that finish line!

No Wetsuit Girl... overseas! said...

The Bible is trademarked? I thought for sure it would be public domain by now.

I think being a drug mule you might have to run a bit. Running away from bullets and the DEA can be pretty tiring before a 100 mile race...

miki said...

Methinks you now may have too much time on your hands.

rustyboy said...

michelle: on second thought, maybe I'll just *ride* a mule.

Journey: I just read your 100 RR - well done! And your pointers are well-taken. In fact, these are the most common pieces of advice I've gotten, so I'm trusting they're the truest! Thanks!

nowetsuit: I do wonder that about The Bible: Is it public domain? What's the window of time for that - 100 years, right? Surely King Jimmy's copyright has run out by now. I have the time. I'll look into it.

ReneeMc said...

Methinks rather than outlining the Bible you can help with this excellent project.

ReneeMc said...

Wait, here's the real link:

rustyboy said...

holy crap, Renee.

Thank God for the internet.

ReneeMc said...

No, thank the Ceiling Cat.

Mr. Satan A. Chilles said...

I'm all into JTAC's Tip #2. CFM the fucker. 'Moving misery' is where it's at, all the kids are doing it.

And I want to thank you (Sisterwoman) for messing up my head with the Testament of Ceiling Cat. Damn. Well, Rustyboy, there's a description of you in that 100 Mile Fun Run in Deuteronomy 10:18:

"He is like superman 4 teh widow n teh orphns n he <3's teh illegals n gives him cookiez n clothez, 4 realz."

Again, CFM the mofo. Happy tapering!

michelle said...

I'm so mad they haven't lol-catted 2 Timothy 4:7. (look it up, heathens) And I'm just not fluent enough in kitty pidgin to do it.