Thursday, September 27, 2007

Yesterday, I did a 7-ish mile run at Griffith Park. And took my camera. And uploaded the footage and edited it down.

It's my firs time editing anything, which is ironic, considering all the years I've spent in edit bays. Also, the new iMovie is rather limited audio-wise.

Okay, there are my excuses. Glad I got those out.

Some of the zoom-ins are grainy as well.

Okay, that was the last one.

Click ri'cheer

2 NSFW moments in there as well, for my sailor's mouth.


ReneeMc said...

Please unprotect the video! We won't hurt it!

rustyboy said...

It's unlocked!

Damn, posting videos on the web is nearly as hard as shooting while running.

and with THAT is my last excuse.

stephruns said...

He....thanks for taking us with you for a run!!!

I might go to Griffith Park for a run next week, since I will be in the area. Looks great to me!

Mr. Satan A. Chilles said...

Wow, Griffith Park is just as I remember it, and the weather indeed looks fucking hot. Glad somebody out there has more coordination than I do, I'm lucky if I can hold a gel and run at the same time, much less a camera.

A fine addition to ultra-training cinéma verité (!)

No Wetsuit Girl... overseas! said...

I feel like I know you now, hearing your voice, seeing your face!

Bummer about the forest fires, but if the SD 100 goes well this year after all that hot weather training you'll be able to smack Badwater next year like it were a cool day in Seattle!

eva said...

sixteen days! AAACK!!!

rustyboy said...

nowetsuit: Nonononono....those "Badwater people"? They're the weirdos. I just want to run 100 miles in cool temps. Nothing wrong with me...right?

no lie, Eva! GAAAH!

michelle said...


Gretchen said...

Yeah! Thanks for the insight into your local trails, very cool.
I have not been reading blogs much since school started and suddenly thought of you on my run this morning, thinking that you had already run your 100 andI hadn't checked to see how you did. Glad to see you still have a few days of tapering and that I didn't miss the chance to wish you luck! Hope the weather is cooling off down there and will be ideal for you on race day. Until then, enjoy the taper!

Addy said...

Nice video :) What a fun idea to take us along on a run.

Good luck on your tapering!

Ann-Kathrin said...

What are you talking about, it's awesome!
So awesome that I will totally take my camera with me on my next long run (in, I kid you not, woollen running clothes because it is freezing over here).

If you are in need of a better editing software for free, there is free Avid version out there. It's called Avid Free DV and comes with only two video layers and four audio layers I believe but it works a lot better than iMovie (and you should be familiar with the Avid interface, right?).